Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On Being a Woman

I adore being a woman. All praise goes to the Creator on this one. He blessed me with good genes and a body that I am proud to call my own. I love that I am an emotional creature, filled with love, empathy, and compassion. I feel very grateful to be a woman in this generation. I am not as restricted as women in the earlier part of the century who fought tooth-and-nail for the freedoms that I enjoy today: the right to vote, the right to go to college, the right to have a career. All of these things are very important to me, yet none of these are reasons why I love being a woman the most.

My reasons for why I embrace my femininity are the same reasons why most women despise their own. I say this in confidence, for I used to feel the same disdain, but the reason I love being a woman the most is because we are blessed with a menstrual cycle.

Yes, periods. Disgusting, bloody, crampy, achy, bloated periods. I used to dread waking up in the morning, my panties soaked in blood, my stomach, breasts, and back aching incessantly. I preferred to stay in bed in my sweatpants for the entire week, avoiding all human contact until this horrid curse went away.

I don’t even remember when my mind changed. There was no revelation. The facts on how I was different from a man were always there. Just one day my period came, and I didn’t despise it anymore. This may have simply been a result of me growing up or growing accustomed to the workings of my body. Regardless, I have come to embrace this part of my womanhood.

When you consider it carefully, you will find that it is a beautiful thing. Menstruation makes us unique and sets us apart. For centuries, women were revered because of their disparate capability to bleed without dying, but now it has become something to be hated. I think the reason for this is because we do not understand the fascinating history behind this event or the responsibility we have as women to preserve the sanctity of it.

Growing up in the south, with chicken houses at every corner, or even in the backyard for some, you learn a little bit about how hens lay eggs. The equal parts of sun and moon determine a hen’s laying cycle. After the discovery of electricity and the invention of the light bulb, farmers figured out that they could increase productivity in hens to lay eggs by increasing the amount of light that they received. In the same way, women’s cycles are also affected by the amount of light that we receive. In ancient days, the moon’s effect was very powerful on a woman’s body, and the lunar cycles alone determined a woman’s cycles. Another thing that had an effect on menstruation in those days were women’s bonds to each other. They were dependent on each other, and they realized our interconnectedness to all people and how nature heavily influences our bodily processes. As a result of the link that they shared to each other and to nature, all of the women in those days bled at the same time! But today, due to increased amounts of light and our disengagement with other women, or just people in general, our cycles have been disrupted. We hurt more than we should. Our moods are more erratic than what they should be. We ignore or are too distracted by our “plight” that we can’t focus on creating like we were intended to during this time.

Women’s levels of creativity were enhanced during menstruation, and the results of this were pivotal in the development of civilization. One example is that from women’s close observations of the moon due to menstruation, math and astronomy were born. And creativity in menstruating women, did not end in ancient times. During their monthly cycle, females are inclined to make better grades on exams and have a higher productivity level at work.

But with menstruation comes a great and welcome responsibility. We now have the ability to carry life inside of us! And not only to carry life inside of us, but to sustain that life once it reaches the outside world. God chose us, above men, to be a vessel for future generations. He trusts us with that responsibility. Now tell me, how can I not adore being a woman?

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

As a child, I remember reading about Christopher Columbus. I even remember the little song that helped us keep his name in our memory: "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." It is easy to remember these kind of things when you put a catchy tune to it. Our teachers told us all about the wonderful things Columbus did and how he discovered a brand new world, preparing the way for life as we know it today.

Fuck life as we know it today. I would rather live in Europe with no idea of this New World than to know that my ancestors were responsible for the genocide of one of the most peaceful groups of people that ever lived.

As an adult, you begin to realize how naive you were as a child. Back then, people tell you how things are or were, and that's that. If an adult says it, it must be true. When you become an adult, you realize how little you actually know about life and about history. When I found out who Christopher Columbus really was, I was appalled. To be honest, I felt my guts wrench. My stomach turned, and I literally got nauseous as my eyes filled with tears. My only thoughts were, how could we have been so misguided? Who decided that this was the curriculum that would be taught to the children? and how on God's green earth could that pathetic excuse for a man have been allowed to do these horrible things to such a gentle group of people?

If you have yet to be informed of the horrific events that happened at the hand of Columbus, you should really enlighten yourself. It will be hard to take at first. You will have to ignore everything that you previously believed to be true. Because they are not true. Everything you have been told is a lie.

The thing that leaves the bitterest taste in my mouth is that despite the generosity of the indigenous (including their willingness to save the lives and supplies of all of Columbus's men), Columbus and his men enslaved them, tortured them, raped them, and within 50 years had completely wiped out the entire population (that at one time consisted of about 3 million natives).

Three. Million. People. In fifty years.

And we have a day revering this torturous bastard. But Columbus is not the only one. Andrew Jackson did the same thing, and he is on our money. There are many examples. Why do we celebrate evil people and kill the peaceful ones? Society is twisted. Things must change if humanity is to survive. Evil will not be able to continue forever. At some point, the peaceful have to rise above and instill a change in the hearts of people.
Let today be that day. Start with yourself. And stop celebrating someone not worthy of your praise.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lest We Forget

I remember where I was on September 11, 2001. That is the only date I can, in certainty, remember my location and the details surrounding it. I was at school. It was another ordinary, melancholy day. I walked up the stairs in the main building with my friend, and then we split off into separate classrooms. As I entered, I noticed the daily comics taped to the door that always made it easier to walk into that classroom to study a subject that I was far from interested in. This particular day it was Calvin and Hobbes, although the joke itself eludes me. I heard the television on, so secretly I hoped that day would be a movie day and not a discussion day, but as I rounded the corner and my eyes focused on the screen, all I saw was smoke and fire. With my head looking over my shoulder trying to understand what was happening, I sat down at the wrong desk. All I could think was, 'Oh my God. It's happening. World War III is about to be engaged. The apocalypse is beginning.' When class was over, I passed my friend in the hall. We exchanged glances, and I excitedly whispered, "It's beginning!" He offered a quick, and equally excited, "I know!" In retrospect, I can't understand why I was so happy for the end to come.

That was nine years ago. Today I know the truth behind what really happened that day. Most people are still in the dark. We were told that terrorists hijacked a plane and crashed it into the World Trade Center in NYC. Then a few minutes later, another hijacked plane hit the other tower. We were told that there were two other hijacked planes that day, one falling in a Pennsylvania field and the other hitting the Pentagon. They told us that it was Osama bin Laden, a known member of Al-Qaida; that it was a conspiracy against the United States; that it jeopardized our freedom, and now we must go to war to protect ourselves from terrorists.

What they did not tell us, is that it was all lies.What they did not tell us is that the architect of the Twin Towers constructed them from reinforced steel to withstand multiple planes crashing into each building at the same time and that these steel buildings fell at freefall speeds, completely decimating each floor with the steel beams being laterally and evenly sliced as is only possible by the use of explosives. What they did not tell us is that the people who managed to escape death that day heard blasts from beneath them, from the basement. What they did not tell you is that Building 7 (which was a football field away from the Twin Towers on the opposite side of the area that was hit by the plane) was said to be gone on a live news broadcast over twenty minutes before the it actually fell, and that when it did fall, it fell symmetrically with obvious explosions. They did not tell us that floors 12 and 13 of Building 7 housed records in which large Wall Street companies like Enron were at that time under investigation. They did not tell us that the invasion plans for Iraq were signed by President Bush on September 10, 2001. They did not tell us that Bush met with the chief financier of this entourage of hijackers the week before 9/11 or that on the actual day of the supposed attacks that his father, Bush, Sr., was in a meeting with Osama bin Laden's brother. They did not tell us that there was no plane actually found at the Pentagon that day.

So, basically, everything you ever thought about that day is wrong. The Muslims aren't to blame. Your government is. So redirect your hatred into a positive force, and do something about the people that run this country, not the innocent ones that are being persecuted because of it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Radical Intolerance

My mind and my heart are burdened. My head feels heavy on my shoulders after weeping heavily for my brothers and sisters that are being unfairly persecuted because of their faith. I am struggling to grasp how a person can harbor so much hatred for another person that they would maliciously attack, destroy property, or unlawfully imprison those who are of a different nationality or culture or religion. Everywhere I go, I hear about it. The entire United States is buzzing about the proposed "Mosque at Ground Zero." [SN: I blame this on Sarah Palin. In actuality, the proposition is for an Islamic community center (much like the YMCA) to be built 2 blocks from Ground Zero. Included in the building plans is a 9/11 memorial, but that is intentionally left out of the media. Regardless, if it was a mosque being built, and if it was at Ground Zero, it wouldn't matter because our First Amendment rights still stand. Everyone, regardless of their faith, has the freedom to worship as they please.] I hear about arson at religious facilities. Good people are being persecuted, attacked, and murdered. I can't refrain from crying out to God, "I am so sorry for what my people have done to Your people!" And they are His. We are all His. There is one Truth. There is one God. He goes by many names, but He is One. God is transcendental of time and space. He is beyond what we can comprehend. We can not limit Him to being one kind of God for one kind of people. And if your God is my God, how can yours be superior to mine? How can my God tell you that I am worshipping Him all wrong so I need to be put to death? Can't you see that your anger is poisoning your relationship to the God that you supposedly serve? And what is the root cause of this anger?


Fear is a dangerous thing. It poisons our minds and our hearts. What brought on this fear? The government, in conjunction with the mass media, who feed lies and propaganda about terrorism. Can't you see that we are the ones that are doing the terrorizing? Webster's Dictionary defines 'terrorism' as, "the use of force or threats to intimidate." Are we not the ones who are attempting to force people to submit to our control? To live a life of nonresistance, just complying with everything they are told, without thoughts of their own? And why terrorize a group of people based on religious factors? There had to be a scapegoat after 9/11 so that citizens wouldn't riot by learning the truth. And the one thing that sells more than sex is fear. By weakening these Middle Eastern countries through prejudice and fighting, we can more easily take over their oil supply. The more falsity they feed our minds about Islam, the more power they will have. By destroying these people in our country, we are not only destroying our own people, but we are feeding right into the hands of these government officials. They have us exactly where they want us. They have us so afraid that we can't even walk home without looking over our shoulders. Some people can't even leave our homes because their fear is so great.

No matter where you look, you see the evidence of war. Is this what you want? Do you want to live in a world where there is constant animosity between every nation? Do you not want to know what peace feels like? You are a liar if you say you want it all to stop, and yet you continue to fuel the enmity. How often is your hatred for someone depicted in your words? Malice towards the president? Slanderous remarks against your coworkers? We have to be mindful of our words and our actions. We must exude love at all times, toward all people. Can't you see that we are all the same? We are all people. We all laugh and cry and hope and dream. We all need food and water for survival. We are all made in God's image. Judging anyone based on their skin color or their religion is immoral. God is a loving God, an unbiased God, a God who loves all people equally. Anyone, no matter how close to God they claim to be, who is judgmental and vindictive towards anyone else, especially in regards to religion, is not representative of the true God. If you are the cause of children being ashamed of their heritage, or being so frightened by their own oppression that they feel that they need to change their name to avoid it, your cold heart needs to be reevaluated.

THIS is the time to change our ways, before things get so far out of hand that we no longer have the ability to change it. We can change our own selves, even if we can not change others. Please, let's spread the word! We can not remain uninformed. People need to know that love is the only way to end war. Love for everyone, regardless of their race or their beliefs. Being love is the only way the hatred will stop. You should vow to yourself to be better, for the sake of the next generation. How are we leaving this world for them? I can answer that. We are leaving it desolate and corrupt, without forests and oceans, but more importantly without love and respect for God and the earth and each other. Children follow the examples of their fathers and mothers. So be the best kind of example. Be an example of tolerance and respect and, most of all, love.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blanketed in Love

Let abrasiveness rise and float away.
Let peace replace and reconstruct.
Our life is unending.
We live on through the earth and the sun.
We live in the hearts of those who love us.
Blanketed in love, we exist.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So long, Internet! We had a helluva run, didn't we?



Problem #1 that I have with this law (and probably the least important but definitely the part that affects me the most) is the elimination of illegal downloading of music and movies. As a dear friend put it, "If my days of flagrant piracy are over i think I'll seriously cry." I'm not saying that it is right to download music/movies without paying for it. It is illegal. However, the prosecution of individuals who do break this law is, to me, utterly ridiculous. The whole reason it is illegal is because the people who make the music or movies, despite the fact that they are among the world's wealthiest, want to squeeze out every possible penny in profits. Meanwhile, the ones like me who are barely scraping by from week to week just want a tiny ounce of enjoyment that comes from this entertainment, yet can not afford to purchase every movie or song that they like. Then, if caught, we are sentenced to jail or enormous fines that we could never possibly pay. Greed, my dear friends, will be the death of us all.

Problem #2 is that the enforcers of this law are allowed to enter WITHOUT A WARRANT into the home or business of anybody even suspected of violating it. That person will then be arrested and taken to jail for an undetermined amount of time and not even allowed to have a trial!!!!! So, no warrant and no trial. That sounds like a violation of my rights as an American citizen if there has ever been one!

Problem #3 is the answer to the how? aspect of this. As seen in picture #2 above, the way this will be regulated is through your internet service provider. So, let's say, Bellsouth keeps a close eye on everything you are doing on the internet. If you download anything, a red flag goes up, you are investigated, & if it appears that you have engaged in any sort of illegal activity, the proper authorities are informed, and the next thing you know, you are sitting in a cell squashed between Big Bertha, the toothless hooker and Hank, the smelly drunk who just vomited all over your brand new tennis shoes.

Problem #4: When you are finally released from jail, you will not be allowed to get internet service again. Not only that, but anyone living in your household will not be allowed to have internet service either. So your entire family could lose their right to pay their bills online, register to vote, update their facebook page, or play Jeopardy with Alex Trebec.

Problem #5: This law is not restricted to just internet usage. It covers everything from food to medications to those fake Gucci bags sold by street vendors. Anything that they would see as copyright infringement is included.

I hope that you are not too blind to see the outcome. It is so obvious. Total control of the entire population. Control of the media, economics, politics, everything. But make no mistake. They may silence our voices, but they will NEVER silence our thoughts! Go down with guns a' blazin' (not in any literal sense, please)!! Do not let Big Brother* control your mind. It is the only thing that you have, and it is the only thing that will keep you sane in the end.

Articles to read: Anti-counterfeit Trade Deal; Business license for bloggers; Anti-ACTA; GPS Tracker

*If by Big Brother you think that I am referring to reality TV, it would be wise for you to press the power button on the remote, and pick up the book 1984 by George Orwell.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Modern Day Hippie

It is not easy to live, as I do, in a small Alabamian town renown only for the racetrack that occupies it. It is a town buried beneath its traditions, far from diverse. So I am never surprised when I am stared at, frowned upon, ridiculed, or laughed at because of my appearance or my values. My hair is locked. I don't wear makeup or a bra. I am barefoot at every available opportunity. Needless to say, I am a stranger in a strange land.

I am an avid activist, anything from 'Save the Dolphins' to 'Legalize Marijuana.' I am wholeheartedly against war and nuclear proliferation. I believe in stopping off-shore drilling and spending that money on developing alternative energy methods. I believe the earth and all of its inhabitants, humans and animals alike, should be protected and respected, which is one of the many reasons I am a vegetarian. I feel as if the government is deceitful, fooling people into thinking that this country is still a democracy. We as a people, while our founding documents are still intact, need to rise up and take back control of our government and stop being mindless corpses sitting in front of our idiot boxes absorbing all the lies that they feed us.

I practice self-expression through art, music, and the written word. I lead a mostly organic lifestyle. Yoga calms my body and mind. I study various religions and practices throughout the world in an attempt to gather the core beliefs from each religion because I feel that ultimately they all believe in the same things: peace, love, equality, and unity.

I realize that this lifestyle is not socially accepted in this part of the country. I realize that with every Facebook post urging people to boycott BP or the war or meat. The backlash is unbelievable, forcing me to reconsider these people I call friends and to question the validity of my bloodline. Repeatedly, when being angrily criticized, I have been referred to as "hippy," like it is a derogatory word that would offend me. Unfortunately, I was not alive in the 60's to see firsthand who the hippies were. I can only gather from history, but according to my sources, hippies were lovers of nature, people, literature, art, and music. They were anti-war and anti-corporation. They were for peace, love, and equality. They acknowledged that we are all the same, stemming from the same earth, feeling the same emotions. Plus, they had a rad sense of style.

So I am not offended in the least to be considered a hippie. In fact, I embrace it. I am hippie. So you all can lay off with the childish name calling and defend your case using more appropriate, adult language.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Thoughts on the BP Oil Spill

No matter how many fancy words I speak or lengthy blogs I write, I cannot accurately describe my frustration towards and contempt for the oil industry. Foremost, I want to say that I have joined in with thousands of others to boycott BP, and I urge you all to do the same. There are more reasons for this than simply the fact that they are responsible for the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The main reason is that they are not handling the situation in a timely and efficient manner. The oil spill occurred on April 20, 2010. Since that time, an estimated 35 million gallons of oil have spilled into the gulf. That is a low estimate. BP did not make a single effort to control the spill until two and a half weeks after the spill began. On May 8, 2010, BP attempted to lower a box over the spill to stop the oil from gushing into the water, but it was to no avail. The company then admitted to having no back-up plan if the box failed, which they had been warned was very likely considering the frigid water temperature a mile below the surface where the rig is located would likely cause it to freeze over. This is exactly what happened. About a week later, BP decided to place a smaller dome on the leak. This is basically the original idea in a smaller form. Their concept is that the smaller box will contain less water than the larger one and will therefore be less vulnerable to a freeze. Unfortunately, it had the same results. The next thing that BP tried (which I, personally, think is the most ignorant "solution" they could come up with. It makes me wonder what sort of monkeys they have working for their company. Then I feel guilty for comparing them to monkeys because I am fairly positive that a monkey would have better ideas to control this disaster than BP officials) is to plug the leak with TRASH! The Coast Guard was appalled at the fact that they would even suggest something of this sort and did not expect it, and I concurred, to stop the leak. My immediate thought on this plan is that if it was not enacted correctly, the mud and cement that they were using would flood into the gulf, making the waters not only oil-filled but also full of debris, which is exactly what happened. It is a double-whammy for the local wildlife, which is one of my main concerns of this whole calamity. It is the peak nesting and spawning season for countless species of marine life, including fish, dolphins, and turtles. I find it hard to imagine adults, much less babies, surviving in oil-infused waters. On top of that, BP is using a dispersant called Corexit 9500 to break up the oil. First, I want to say that I am opposed to using a CHEMICAL to CLEAN up OIL. How can adding more harmful things to the water help our situation? Second, this dispersant is toxic to fish, mollusks, and crustaceans in their earliest forms. So basically, the dispersant itself, whose toxicity is four times greater than that of petroleum, is killing an entire generation of marine life. Furthermore, June 1 was the start of hurricane season. If a hurricane comes, oil could be blown up to 50 miles inland. If this happens, there is no hope for keeping the oil at bay. It will cover the beaches and the marshes and we will not be able to hold it back any longer. Our animals are dying! We can not allow this to continue!

slide_6569_87151_large slide_6569_97381_large  slide_6569_96900_large

(See more pictures here)

BP is not the only disaster of this sort, but it is quickly rising to the #1 spot in history as the largest oil spill that mankind has ever seen. The worst so far was Ixtoc in Mexico in 1979. This well was less than 200 feet below the surface, and it took 290 days (that is 10 months) to clean up the estimated 140 million gallons of oil that spewed into the Gulf of Mexico, despite having drilled three relief wells. One hundred and seventy miles of beaches were affected. The BP spill is different than Ixtoc in that the BP well is 25 times deeper than the Ixtoc well and is not as easily accessible as the Mexican spill was. Ixtoc was further away from sensitive coastlines, so although a lot of oil was spilled, the area it was in allowed for a swifter cleanup than is the case in our current situation. Due to the hurricane season that started on June 1, a relief well will not be completed until August. By that time, the BP oil spill will have replaced Ixtoc as the worst spill in history.

A spill of such enormous proportions begs to address the dependence that the world has on oil. Although there are alternative solutions, they are quick to be dismissed due in large part to the money that would be lost in transition. The oil companies run the world, and if everyone switched entirely to electric or, better yet, a simple and abundant mix of 2 parts hydrogen to 1 part oxygen, they would be forced to surrender their lead status. However, water can not be easily regulated, and oil companies will always be fed as long as people refuse to remove their hands from their ears and open their eyes to the disasters surrounding us. Everyone must rise up! Stand up! Protest! Rally together and tell the government that we do not want this to continue! Stop offshore drilling! Give us alternatives! The people must begin caring for the wellbeing of others and stop being part of the problem. Stopping and shopping at BP is acknowledgement that they committed crimes against humanity, wildlife protection acts, and water pollution acts and supporting them regardless. Supporting BP through this disaster is equivalent to helping a person bomb 11 people, poison countless animals, destroy the homes of an entire generation of people, and force thousands of civilians out of work. Please boycott BP. Please petition Congress for the end to offshore drilling. The planet depends on you.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Consequences of War

So, I set up this blog to write about things that are important to me. However, weeks have gone by since then, and I haven’t felt convicted enough about something to actually sit down and write. Until now. I saw this video on Democracy Now, and I was utterly appalled:

My post is less about this video, however, than about the Facebook war I unwittingly started by posting it. My comment was that after seeing this (in conjunction with all of the information I have been receiving over the past year), I am utterly ashamed to be an American. Namely, I have a strong distaste for war in general, and I feel as if this one in particular is unjustified. My reasoning behind this comes from the following beliefs:

1) September 11, 2001 was a sham. The following video is only a portion of a truly eye-opening documentary called Zeitgeist, but it accurately describes what I believe really happened on that day:

I solemnly believe that the government planned this as a controlled demolition without regard to the lives inside; without regard to these people, these civilians, these citizens who made up our country. They were the ones who voted, who paid their taxes, who put money into the economy. They were mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. They loved, they laughed, they experienced. Then their lives were cut short at the hand of corrupt officials who were looking for an excuse to go to war, who would make up any excuse to go to war. So, they did what has always been done in the past. They find a scapegoat worthy of blame whose downfall we would benefit from. Iraq is well-known for their large supply of oil, making them a perfect candidate, considering our president at the time was not only an oil tycoon, but he had an outstanding beef with the country passed down from his father’s presidency. If he could usurp power from them, he could capitalize on their oil supply and simultaneously settle the score for his father. Of course, there is so much more that went into it than that. Like the fact that we could easily exploit the Muslim radicals. If America is afraid, they will go into the war wholeheartedly, without reservation; and Muslims are evil, nihilistic masochists who have no regards for human life and won’t think twice about blowing up themselves or anyone else. That’s founded in history, right?? Which brings me to my next point.

2) We are fighting a partial holy war. I say ‘partial’ because I realize that there is more involved in this war than simply religion. Nevertheless, I feel that religion does have more of a part in it than people realize, which is evident when you examine the facts. The United States is at war with five Muslim countries. Generally, you only hear about Iraq and Afghanistan. In reality, we are not only at war with these two countries, but with Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia as well. This interview on Democracy Now will, hopefully, further my position. I won’t go into much detail here, only to say that this nation is so intolerant of anyone who is different from them. Ironically, the country was founded on the principle of freedom to practice any religion you choose. I come from a Christian background, so when discussing religion, I tend to revert to my Christian education. However, this doesn’t prevent me from accepting people from another faith. My purpose in mentioning this is simply to state that through personal experiences, I have found that religion can be immensely blinding; enough so that prejudice begins to outweigh doctrine. Examining Jesus’ teachings, we learn that his main focus was on love, peace, and forgiveness. Prejudice is the polar opposite of what Jesus taught. In fact, Jesus accepted people from other cultures and lifestyles with open arms. He blessed the Samaritan woman at the well. He healed the Canaanite woman’s daughter. He healed the Gentile woman with the issue of blood. He fellowshipped in brothels. He was friends with prostitutes and criminals. In summary, he cared for everyone, even those of a different faith. Why? Love. He loved people of all color, creed, or nation. More than that, his love for humanity was so strong that he was willing to die to protect people that he didn’t know, even if they were considered “terrible” by the world’s standards. Prejudice was not a characteristic of this iconic prophet. That being said, intolerance transforms us from being Christ-like to being full of hatred and animosity towards people who are dissimilar. That hatred is what creates conflict. I realize that not everyone who reads this will have the same religious views that I do. I do hope, however, that my core message will be what resonates the most. There are certain inalienable truths, regardless of religion, the most notable being peace and love. These actualities are what humans should cling to. Instead, they believe the biased information portrayed by the media, and those distorted ideas infect and pollute the minds of the masses, causing anger to form and to build. Where there is an unsettled mind, there will be conflict.

3) We have lost sight of our goal. There is no longer an ongoing search for Osama bin Laden. If their reasoning for being in the war is to fight terrorism, then let us look at this from their angle. The purpose for the Iraqi invasion, as well as the invasion of Afghanistan, was supposedly to find bin Laden and his cohorts. The US then got “sidetracked” with Hussein, and his execution became our main priority, despite the fact that he claimed no involvement in bin Laden’s operation and had no information on his whereabouts. I am not condoning how the ruler ran his country. Granted, he was an evil man with evil practices, and too many innocent people died. However, it was his country, and his acts should have been addressed by the United Nations, not by war-hungry American officials. In addition, the atrocities in Iraq had been going on for countless years without our assistance. The United States took advantage of their situation to advance our mission. Now, Hussein is not the one killing innocents. The US is. Since the murder of Hussein, our goals have, yet again, changed. Now our main ambition in the war is not to go back to searching for Osama but to force these Muslim countries to establish a system of government similar to ours, despite the resistance from the indigenous. Not every system is capable of maintaining a democratic society. This is especially true of a country who has been for many years authoritarian. One cannot take a country in which many of its citizens have never known another form of government and give them total freedom. Chaos will ensue. This is not to say that I do not believe every human is entitled to freedom. I think freedom is a basic human right. However, if someone is always told, for example, they can never have a candy bar and are tortured if they do have one; and if they are subsequently lead into a room full of candy bars and told that all of the candy they see is theirs to consume, they are going to eat more than their fair share, and possibly even fight off someone who tries to take something, in an effort to make up for the time that they lost while they were being restricted. The same is true if you take away a dictator and give the people freedom. There has to be a process; but this was not our duty or our proposed mission. If our mission was to find Osama bin Laden, we must find him. If not, the real motives needs to be unveiled.

We can never win a war if there is no objective, and people can not be expected to support a war they can not see a purpose in. My opinions on this matter have brought criticism, name-calling, and utter disregard. I have been called a Communist, a terrorist, and an anti-war, junky, hippie-wannabe by my family and people who claim to be my friends. I have been told that my love of people and nature and my disdain for their destruction is stupid and idiotic. Yet no matter the onslaught of negativity, I am aware that I am doing what is right for me in my life and in my world. It saddens me that my mindfulness toward life is misconstrued as terrorism or communism by those who are ignorant and unwilling to even pick up a dictionary to properly define the words. It saddens me that these people called me a tree hugger like it is a negative thing to love the earth that God gave us to protect. I am further saddened by the fact that these people are in a state of leadership, in which they are teaching the younger generations their same prejudiced, fascist worldview. I can only hope that they can rise above the contempt imposed on them by their instructors and live a life that is beneficial to mankind, instead of harmful. Otherwise, war will continue to rage, and the world will never know peace.