Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lest We Forget

I remember where I was on September 11, 2001. That is the only date I can, in certainty, remember my location and the details surrounding it. I was at school. It was another ordinary, melancholy day. I walked up the stairs in the main building with my friend, and then we split off into separate classrooms. As I entered, I noticed the daily comics taped to the door that always made it easier to walk into that classroom to study a subject that I was far from interested in. This particular day it was Calvin and Hobbes, although the joke itself eludes me. I heard the television on, so secretly I hoped that day would be a movie day and not a discussion day, but as I rounded the corner and my eyes focused on the screen, all I saw was smoke and fire. With my head looking over my shoulder trying to understand what was happening, I sat down at the wrong desk. All I could think was, 'Oh my God. It's happening. World War III is about to be engaged. The apocalypse is beginning.' When class was over, I passed my friend in the hall. We exchanged glances, and I excitedly whispered, "It's beginning!" He offered a quick, and equally excited, "I know!" In retrospect, I can't understand why I was so happy for the end to come.

That was nine years ago. Today I know the truth behind what really happened that day. Most people are still in the dark. We were told that terrorists hijacked a plane and crashed it into the World Trade Center in NYC. Then a few minutes later, another hijacked plane hit the other tower. We were told that there were two other hijacked planes that day, one falling in a Pennsylvania field and the other hitting the Pentagon. They told us that it was Osama bin Laden, a known member of Al-Qaida; that it was a conspiracy against the United States; that it jeopardized our freedom, and now we must go to war to protect ourselves from terrorists.

What they did not tell us, is that it was all lies.What they did not tell us is that the architect of the Twin Towers constructed them from reinforced steel to withstand multiple planes crashing into each building at the same time and that these steel buildings fell at freefall speeds, completely decimating each floor with the steel beams being laterally and evenly sliced as is only possible by the use of explosives. What they did not tell us is that the people who managed to escape death that day heard blasts from beneath them, from the basement. What they did not tell you is that Building 7 (which was a football field away from the Twin Towers on the opposite side of the area that was hit by the plane) was said to be gone on a live news broadcast over twenty minutes before the it actually fell, and that when it did fall, it fell symmetrically with obvious explosions. They did not tell us that floors 12 and 13 of Building 7 housed records in which large Wall Street companies like Enron were at that time under investigation. They did not tell us that the invasion plans for Iraq were signed by President Bush on September 10, 2001. They did not tell us that Bush met with the chief financier of this entourage of hijackers the week before 9/11 or that on the actual day of the supposed attacks that his father, Bush, Sr., was in a meeting with Osama bin Laden's brother. They did not tell us that there was no plane actually found at the Pentagon that day.

So, basically, everything you ever thought about that day is wrong. The Muslims aren't to blame. Your government is. So redirect your hatred into a positive force, and do something about the people that run this country, not the innocent ones that are being persecuted because of it.

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