Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Radical Intolerance

My mind and my heart are burdened. My head feels heavy on my shoulders after weeping heavily for my brothers and sisters that are being unfairly persecuted because of their faith. I am struggling to grasp how a person can harbor so much hatred for another person that they would maliciously attack, destroy property, or unlawfully imprison those who are of a different nationality or culture or religion. Everywhere I go, I hear about it. The entire United States is buzzing about the proposed "Mosque at Ground Zero." [SN: I blame this on Sarah Palin. In actuality, the proposition is for an Islamic community center (much like the YMCA) to be built 2 blocks from Ground Zero. Included in the building plans is a 9/11 memorial, but that is intentionally left out of the media. Regardless, if it was a mosque being built, and if it was at Ground Zero, it wouldn't matter because our First Amendment rights still stand. Everyone, regardless of their faith, has the freedom to worship as they please.] I hear about arson at religious facilities. Good people are being persecuted, attacked, and murdered. I can't refrain from crying out to God, "I am so sorry for what my people have done to Your people!" And they are His. We are all His. There is one Truth. There is one God. He goes by many names, but He is One. God is transcendental of time and space. He is beyond what we can comprehend. We can not limit Him to being one kind of God for one kind of people. And if your God is my God, how can yours be superior to mine? How can my God tell you that I am worshipping Him all wrong so I need to be put to death? Can't you see that your anger is poisoning your relationship to the God that you supposedly serve? And what is the root cause of this anger?


Fear is a dangerous thing. It poisons our minds and our hearts. What brought on this fear? The government, in conjunction with the mass media, who feed lies and propaganda about terrorism. Can't you see that we are the ones that are doing the terrorizing? Webster's Dictionary defines 'terrorism' as, "the use of force or threats to intimidate." Are we not the ones who are attempting to force people to submit to our control? To live a life of nonresistance, just complying with everything they are told, without thoughts of their own? And why terrorize a group of people based on religious factors? There had to be a scapegoat after 9/11 so that citizens wouldn't riot by learning the truth. And the one thing that sells more than sex is fear. By weakening these Middle Eastern countries through prejudice and fighting, we can more easily take over their oil supply. The more falsity they feed our minds about Islam, the more power they will have. By destroying these people in our country, we are not only destroying our own people, but we are feeding right into the hands of these government officials. They have us exactly where they want us. They have us so afraid that we can't even walk home without looking over our shoulders. Some people can't even leave our homes because their fear is so great.

No matter where you look, you see the evidence of war. Is this what you want? Do you want to live in a world where there is constant animosity between every nation? Do you not want to know what peace feels like? You are a liar if you say you want it all to stop, and yet you continue to fuel the enmity. How often is your hatred for someone depicted in your words? Malice towards the president? Slanderous remarks against your coworkers? We have to be mindful of our words and our actions. We must exude love at all times, toward all people. Can't you see that we are all the same? We are all people. We all laugh and cry and hope and dream. We all need food and water for survival. We are all made in God's image. Judging anyone based on their skin color or their religion is immoral. God is a loving God, an unbiased God, a God who loves all people equally. Anyone, no matter how close to God they claim to be, who is judgmental and vindictive towards anyone else, especially in regards to religion, is not representative of the true God. If you are the cause of children being ashamed of their heritage, or being so frightened by their own oppression that they feel that they need to change their name to avoid it, your cold heart needs to be reevaluated.

THIS is the time to change our ways, before things get so far out of hand that we no longer have the ability to change it. We can change our own selves, even if we can not change others. Please, let's spread the word! We can not remain uninformed. People need to know that love is the only way to end war. Love for everyone, regardless of their race or their beliefs. Being love is the only way the hatred will stop. You should vow to yourself to be better, for the sake of the next generation. How are we leaving this world for them? I can answer that. We are leaving it desolate and corrupt, without forests and oceans, but more importantly without love and respect for God and the earth and each other. Children follow the examples of their fathers and mothers. So be the best kind of example. Be an example of tolerance and respect and, most of all, love.

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