Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blanketed in Love

Let abrasiveness rise and float away.
Let peace replace and reconstruct.
Our life is unending.
We live on through the earth and the sun.
We live in the hearts of those who love us.
Blanketed in love, we exist.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So long, Internet! We had a helluva run, didn't we?



Problem #1 that I have with this law (and probably the least important but definitely the part that affects me the most) is the elimination of illegal downloading of music and movies. As a dear friend put it, "If my days of flagrant piracy are over i think I'll seriously cry." I'm not saying that it is right to download music/movies without paying for it. It is illegal. However, the prosecution of individuals who do break this law is, to me, utterly ridiculous. The whole reason it is illegal is because the people who make the music or movies, despite the fact that they are among the world's wealthiest, want to squeeze out every possible penny in profits. Meanwhile, the ones like me who are barely scraping by from week to week just want a tiny ounce of enjoyment that comes from this entertainment, yet can not afford to purchase every movie or song that they like. Then, if caught, we are sentenced to jail or enormous fines that we could never possibly pay. Greed, my dear friends, will be the death of us all.

Problem #2 is that the enforcers of this law are allowed to enter WITHOUT A WARRANT into the home or business of anybody even suspected of violating it. That person will then be arrested and taken to jail for an undetermined amount of time and not even allowed to have a trial!!!!! So, no warrant and no trial. That sounds like a violation of my rights as an American citizen if there has ever been one!

Problem #3 is the answer to the how? aspect of this. As seen in picture #2 above, the way this will be regulated is through your internet service provider. So, let's say, Bellsouth keeps a close eye on everything you are doing on the internet. If you download anything, a red flag goes up, you are investigated, & if it appears that you have engaged in any sort of illegal activity, the proper authorities are informed, and the next thing you know, you are sitting in a cell squashed between Big Bertha, the toothless hooker and Hank, the smelly drunk who just vomited all over your brand new tennis shoes.

Problem #4: When you are finally released from jail, you will not be allowed to get internet service again. Not only that, but anyone living in your household will not be allowed to have internet service either. So your entire family could lose their right to pay their bills online, register to vote, update their facebook page, or play Jeopardy with Alex Trebec.

Problem #5: This law is not restricted to just internet usage. It covers everything from food to medications to those fake Gucci bags sold by street vendors. Anything that they would see as copyright infringement is included.

I hope that you are not too blind to see the outcome. It is so obvious. Total control of the entire population. Control of the media, economics, politics, everything. But make no mistake. They may silence our voices, but they will NEVER silence our thoughts! Go down with guns a' blazin' (not in any literal sense, please)!! Do not let Big Brother* control your mind. It is the only thing that you have, and it is the only thing that will keep you sane in the end.

Articles to read: Anti-counterfeit Trade Deal; Business license for bloggers; Anti-ACTA; GPS Tracker

*If by Big Brother you think that I am referring to reality TV, it would be wise for you to press the power button on the remote, and pick up the book 1984 by George Orwell.