Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

As a child, I remember reading about Christopher Columbus. I even remember the little song that helped us keep his name in our memory: "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." It is easy to remember these kind of things when you put a catchy tune to it. Our teachers told us all about the wonderful things Columbus did and how he discovered a brand new world, preparing the way for life as we know it today.

Fuck life as we know it today. I would rather live in Europe with no idea of this New World than to know that my ancestors were responsible for the genocide of one of the most peaceful groups of people that ever lived.

As an adult, you begin to realize how naive you were as a child. Back then, people tell you how things are or were, and that's that. If an adult says it, it must be true. When you become an adult, you realize how little you actually know about life and about history. When I found out who Christopher Columbus really was, I was appalled. To be honest, I felt my guts wrench. My stomach turned, and I literally got nauseous as my eyes filled with tears. My only thoughts were, how could we have been so misguided? Who decided that this was the curriculum that would be taught to the children? and how on God's green earth could that pathetic excuse for a man have been allowed to do these horrible things to such a gentle group of people?

If you have yet to be informed of the horrific events that happened at the hand of Columbus, you should really enlighten yourself. It will be hard to take at first. You will have to ignore everything that you previously believed to be true. Because they are not true. Everything you have been told is a lie.

The thing that leaves the bitterest taste in my mouth is that despite the generosity of the indigenous (including their willingness to save the lives and supplies of all of Columbus's men), Columbus and his men enslaved them, tortured them, raped them, and within 50 years had completely wiped out the entire population (that at one time consisted of about 3 million natives).

Three. Million. People. In fifty years.

And we have a day revering this torturous bastard. But Columbus is not the only one. Andrew Jackson did the same thing, and he is on our money. There are many examples. Why do we celebrate evil people and kill the peaceful ones? Society is twisted. Things must change if humanity is to survive. Evil will not be able to continue forever. At some point, the peaceful have to rise above and instill a change in the hearts of people.
Let today be that day. Start with yourself. And stop celebrating someone not worthy of your praise.